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Pig Skives off School

Pig skives off School

Fakta om boken
Författare: Barbara Catchpole
Illustratör: metaphrog
Antal sidor: 52 sid
ISBN: 978-17812-76099
Artikelnummer: 76099U

Pig Skives off School

Författare: Barbara Catchpole
Illustratör: metaphrog

Pris: 106 kr/st

Book 10

Meet Pig – Peter Ian Green, although everybody calls him Pig for short. Pig lives with his mum; he is small for his age, but mum is huge for hers. She is a single mum but Pig says she looks more like a double mum or even a treble mum.

Pig and his best friend Raj decide that they don´t need to go to school every day. So one day they decide to watch the news being filmed in the High Street instead. Will it be their little secret?

Laugh-out-loud humor combined with poignant tales of friendship (7-12 yrs).