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Final Crossing

Final Crossing

Fakta om boken
Författare: Sean Rodman
Pärm: Bound
Antal sidor: 112 sidor
ISBN: 9781459805583
Artikelnummer: 05583U

Final Crossing

Författare: Sean Rodman

Pris: 112 kr/st

The most uptight criminal. Ever.

Will and Big O are brothers and best friends—and small-time crooks. Ever since their dad went to prison, they’ve been stealing to survive. On a ferry ride from the big city, they hatch a plan for one more score: they’ll break into the cars on the ferry during the trip and scrape together enough to get out of town. And maybe out of the criminal life forever. But everything goes south when they discover one car that contains more than they bargained for: a young kidnap victim. Pursued by a crazed professional criminal, the brothers must now survive the night and a final crossing into a new life.

Finns också som pocket, artnr 05521U.

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